Cail Dyne

Lightning Mage and Tutor to the Electors of Serross


27 years old, 6’1 with a rather willowy build, shoulder length blonde hair tied back in a low ponytail with varying degrees of care and blue eyes that are said to flash with the power of the storm which he commands.

Titles and Positions:
Tutor to Asmira and Tamro Shada, Electors of Serross


Cail Dyne is a World Mage specializing, as those from Serross do, in lightning magic. A knowledgeable man, he has a keen interest in history and warfare, though he plainly admits that he is no soldier. Nevertheless if forced to fight he has some skill with a blade, and is skilled at blending his lightning magic into his swordplay. He has also won some impressive magic duels, though these fights happen far less now as he focuses on a more important role:

His sharp intellect, and his skill with lightning magic, saw him tasked by Patrician Rubek Shada to tutor his children, Asmira and Tamro, an honour Cail has worked tirelessly to prove himself worthy of in the five years since he took up the post.

This appointment also allowed Cail to indulge his interest in the more academic aspects of warfare, as well as learn the discipline he yearned for, through regular sparring sessions with members of the Kuridama who served in the House Guard. While these skilled warriors took a while to warm up to the willowy mage, his dedication and moderate skill eventually earned some form of respect, as did one of his more inventive ideas for combining the skills of the Kuridama and Serross’ famous lightning mages in light cavalry units.

In the weeks after the Emperor’s death at Badden Heath, Cail has accompanied the Shada electors as they made their preparations, eventually following them to the capital for the Emperor’s funeral and discussions on who should take up the leadership of Casamir.

At the wake, and over the evening that followed, Cail made some rather interesting acquaintances and he is coming to the realisation that his life may never be calm again…

Cail Dyne

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