Sir Carl Logan

Miserly Magician


House Logan’s Lands
House Symbol: A Severed Hand

A large loan Empire that spreads across the Empire.
Arbiter of House Alys’ estates in Themmbrooke: Bridgbrook, Lanby, The Pale, Deepglen and Crow’s Landing from which he receives 50% of the rents this comes to 500 Ducats a month

Much of Carl Logan’s history is subject to debate. If you ask at dinner parties in the Upper Wings of Arvath’s royal houses, you’ll hear that he was the well-loved page of a former Empress and she started him up as a money lender to amass his own fortune. Yet in the taverns of Beaucannon, you may instead hear rumors of his treachery. About the families he took money from under shaky insurance terms, about non-accidental defaulting on terms.

The facts remain that when he reached 25, he appeared on the poltical scene as a money lender for the lesser nobles and by 30 he had garnered enough that rumors spread of even the Emperor lending from his hoard. He has since maintained this streak.

People who have met Carl tell of his complete lack of social decorum. He lacks any interest in a world beyond his closest confidants and his more than capable assistant, a woman known as Vanessa. He is slow and weak of stature, but he carries his wealth subtly except when it suits his needs.

Little known facts about Carl include his time spent studying in Luin to be a mage of the mind. Such a skill gives him an advantage in the business world, suggesting that not many know of his abilities. Despite this, most of his clients are not heard to say that he is unreliable.

Business is flowing fairly smoothly. Carl, despite his age, is fairly mobile on the business front, provided the client is affluent enough. His memory is said to be ailing, but this is not a confirmed liability as the troubles to the east have been of great benefit to his earnings, although many of the eastern slums have noted the hugely unaffordable rate of loans.

Recent Events:

  • Carl Logan left the central provinces many weeks ago for undisclosed business on the warfront.
  • Despite the loss of a valued employee, Carl Logan was said to have survived the onslaught and made it safely to Elector Miriams forward operating base. Rumors persist of him being violently targeted by many of the Emperor’s Guards
  • Here he was subject to an onslaught of conversation, following a relaxing evening enjoying banter with lesser employees
  • Before leaving for Themmbrooke, Carl Logan made promises to Miriam for approximately 20000G under a reimbursement clause with Sir James Isef as well as promises of land in Vol Merrol. Witnesses commented on the obvious strain such a deal put on his delicate physique.
  • Carl was reported as not being involved in the Riot at Stonewall

Sir Carl Logan

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