A mind Mage who works with Corvetch


Powerful, generally emotionless mind mage who has visited barbarian lands in the far East. Here he learned many Mind magic techniques that have been forgotten in the Empire of Cassimir. He is Corvetch’s right hand man and always sits in on meetings with him.

When the raid struck Corvetch’s base of Operations he escaped through an outflow into the river.


Spells he is Known to Possess:

Create Phylactery/Use Phylactery: Use on a dying person to create a light source of their soul can be drained to heal d3 mp and d3 hp as a free action
Mannequin: Take control of an individuals body motions, may only control one person at a time, that person rolls four dice for all rolls including resisting spells
Plunder the mind: Willpower duel, no resist on unconscious target, can look through memories
Fortify the Will: MP Loss reduced by 2, 1 From Casting own Spells. 1 MP to cast, 1 MP per turn to maintain
Mind Crush: 1MP Willpower Duel Deals 2d6 MP Damage


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