Only Successful Crimelord in Themmbrooke


The manipulative and well traveled crime lord Corvetch is the only living person in the Empire to have met Vladimir Kaine, according to his boasts.

He is even more sadistic towards smidgens than the majority of the population indulging in Smidgen Baiting with a passion. He also enjoys various other blood sports.

The party originally aimed to bring Corvetch down but then cut a deal with him to get him legitimacy and a pardon. They planned to get him this by installing the rogue judge Hector in power by charging Judiciary Avernus with corruption on the testimony of Corvetch’s minions. Unfortunately the way this was presented to Corvetch (involving Sir James grabbing him by the lapels, and the attempted “Getting rid of” of a young noble woman then acting as Infernusa’s chaperone) led to an increase in his demands to

1) A cancellation of all payments to the players
2) The right to arbitrate and sipose of the resources in Themmbrooke of House Isef and House Alys
3) The provision of a business lease for the cities of Graen, Lindoin and Thekken
4) The Naval command of the River Police
5) A place on an advisory council to Patrician Rhydain.

The player seeing no alternative agreed to this but are now double crossing yet again by readying a raid on Corvetch’s Hideout with the White Wardens present in Latigos currently. The raid went well with about a score of casualties on the side of the Wardens and the majority of Corvetch’s empire being destroyed. His hand was cut off by Aramis and he revealed Sir James’ location out of the city and that he had handed over the Emperor’s body to Khadu the nine Lived.


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