Lady Annabelle Avien

Rabble rouser in Themmbrooke now genral and Noble Woman


Little is known about Annabelle except that she is driven, passionate about justice and fighting for the little guy.

She led her revolution whilst most of the Wardens raided the criminal organization of Corvetch. The revolution quickly gained ground executing Judge Hector, Judiciary Avernus, Lady Talbot and taking control of the Palace District and the Electors. She was heavily wounded during the fighting and would have probably died were it not for Edvald.

Edvald when redistribuitng land granted her the town of Loringford, a bustling Market Centre that controls and important crossing of Latigos river. She originally refused but upon the arrival of a deputation from the town begging her to remain she grudgingly accepted. The people are currently debating changing the name to reflect their new patron and hero.

She is serving in the First Imperial Army under Patrician Miriam as de facto head of the Themmbrooke contingent though as often leading her “Children of War” regiment of the most capable individuals of the rebellion.


Lady Annabelle Avien

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