Lady Eva Alys

The young noble head of House Alys


A member of the impoverished and dying noble house Alys who are sworn to house Rhydain. Eva was assigned as Infernusa’s chaperone before Sir James had her disappeared by some of Corvetch’s henchmen. The whole debacle led to Eva’s abuse at the hand of a small group of thugs who escaped the parties main assault on Corvetch’s empire.

She was married to Sir James Alys (nee Isef) by Corvetch in order to consolidate their resources into one house and have greater control over the Noble houses of Themmbrooke. She is understandably a bit distraught though she and Sir James have patched a temporarily working relationship.

She has thrown herself into administering the new lands of her house which has raised house Alys into the top ten of nobles from Themmbrooke.

House Alys Lands

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Lady Eva Alys

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