Sir James Alys

A minor noble of house Alys, formally of house Isef


Average height and weight with dark brown almost black hair Sir James has very little in the way of distinguishing physical features.



Sir James of House Isef is the third son to his farter Lord Gareth. As a third son he was not expected to inherit his father’s titles or his lands. He was presented with a choice become a priest or enter into the world of commerce as a merchant. Finding neither of these things appealing Sir James opted for a third route; one that he found more engaging.

Often described by those who know him as headstrong and easily bored Sir James was forced to leave home following an indecent with Farther. He travelled the empire for almost a year during which time he was accompanied by his man servant Smythe who is one of the few people whom Sir James has always respected and, because of the length of time they have spent together, Sir James views him almost as more of a friend than a servant. It was during this time that he met Aramis who was able to assist Sir James when there was a small incident involving a small fortune in gems that went missing.

Current events

Sir James was traveling to meet with his two uncles when he learned of the defeat of the Imperial army. Now he finds himself once again with no clear propose but this time he feels he may be able to use this situation to his advantage by winning back the trust of his farther and with it the ability to return home.

Upon hearing of the death of his two Uncles, Sir James was almost inconsolable. It was his fear that if these two great men had failed then what possibly could he do. This was somewhat alleviated by Carl Logan delicately pointing out that they were probably not as capable as Sir James had imagined.

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Sir James Alys

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