Vanessa de Beaucannon

Assistant to Carl Logan


Exotic looking lady, a soft round face with minimal jewellery, mostly of the simple silver appearance.


She is an adopted noble of house Beaucannon, but evidentially not of the land. Court rumours are that she is a bastard child of a duke who has been adopted officially into the family. There is no official time as to when she came into the employ of Carl, but it is presumed he recruited her on a trip to the island years ago.

In relation to her employer, she is must better liked and well regarded by the general populace. Her employer is even rumoured to have affection for her, but completely proper. Many wonder how she manages, but she is perceived as being the most patient lady met in the capital.

However even in Arvath, there are rumours of her birth. That her exotic looks are the offshoot of a birth even more mixed than presumed.

Vanessa de Beaucannon

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