Province Name: Arvath
Ruling House: House Vaile
Patrician: Emperor Alain (Deceased)
Electors: Emperor Alain (Deceased), Empress Sereh
Province Strength: 5

Arvath is the agricultural and political Heart of the Empire. Her green and golden fields and orchards have inspired many bucolic poets to pen a verse or forty. As the Imperial seat for the past 17 Generations she is one of the richest regions challenged only by Pedona. Like Pedona Arvath has developed many luxury trades though in Pedona these are mostly focused around tailors and fashion in Arvath a dozen arts from glass blowing to baking display elaborate ostentation.

With the fertile land and large cities hers are one of the largest and most organised levies with cities competing in the ability, equipment and of their Militia forces. The Household of the Emperor is formed around his core bodyguard who are those who have risen through the ranks of the other regiments. The Bulk of the Household is made up by two units whose rivalry is legendary The Viridian Dragoons, sons and daughters of nobility raised for war from a young age and the Graen Wolverines drawn from the toughest warriors in the capital. Both these esteemed regiments were not present at Badden Heath having been sent to support Patrician Americ Melian and his campaign in Bregas and Seross.

While Emperor Alain, may he now stand with Vaile, is gone his second wife Empress Sereh is still an Elector. The selection for the new male Elector and whether Empress Sereh should step down in favour of her daughter is now underway.


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