Ben Harreath

Province Name: Ben Harreath
House: House Harreath
Patrician: Balian Harreath (Missing)
Electors: Balian Harreath (Missing), Iris Harreath (Missing)

Province Strength: 1

Harreath is the Easternmost Province of the Empire and the site of the battle of Badden Heath. Now most Imperial forces are in full retreat and refugees flood the Provincial Capital of Black Cliffe. However the people of Harreath have ever been grim and determined and many are not giving up yet.

Then House of Harreath displays these traits of Taciturn stubborness more than any others and in particular their Ancestor of the same name. In his foundation legend he embarked on a quest to bring fire back to the Empire after the burning of Melian. HIs quest took him thirty years but never once did he turn aside or falter not even when the Witch who guarded the fire warned him he would bring a great curse upon him and all his descendants should he bring back the fire. To many it has seemed that indeed House Harreath is cursed though their line has been maintained tragedies mke any member of House Harreath grey before their time. This continued on the field of Badden Heath with both the Electors going missing after the battle and with the Majority of the Black Iron Watch (one of the most famous Households of all) being wiped out almost to a man as they stood alone and last as a rearguard on the field.

After Badden Heath Patrician Miriam Orome has taken command of Stone Wall at the Head of the First Imperial Army of combined Ben Harreath and Vol Merrol soldiers. She is leading the beleaguered imperials in their defense against the numerous barbarian hordes. Currently they are still said to have lost only the most outlying of defenses but are low on supplies.

Ben Harreath

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