Province Name: Bregas
Ruling House: House Eagren
Patrician: Brendon Eagrin
Electors: Allanah Eagrin, Brendon Eagrin
Province Strength: 4

Bregas is one of the westernmost provinces in the Empire. Although as far south as balmy Rosa and Seross it is decidedly chillier in Bregas due to it’s upland nature. It is densely wooded and the region does great trade in sustainably exporting it’s prized Bregas Oak for the construction of Warships. Bregas is a land associated with haunting and tales of Horror. It is said by those from other provinces that the people of Bregas have a tale for every tree.

Currently an invasion from the Empire’s Erstwhile ally Cromwynne is assaulting the region. Little information as to how the fighting is progressing has made it out of those dark woods beyond the tall tales of refugees. Elector Allanah is leading the soldiers of Bregas who remained whilst Patrician Brendon took his forces to Badden Heath where he met his end. Elector Allanah is ably assisted by Patrician Americ Melian and the Elector Asmira of Seross.

The soldiers of Bregas are famed for their hunting and woodcraft, often forming scouts and ranged support for the imperial armies, the Household of Bregas is called the Ragged Band as the most experienced woodsmne the y spend long months alone or in small groups patrolling Bregas’ borders.


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