Emperor's Body Guard

Company Rolls
Lord Protector: Aramis
Captain: Captain Dekker
Trooper: Trooper Correlie Vaile
Aspirant Eva Perdona
Aspirant Trellis (A Pardoned Assasin)
Aspirant Berenice Avalon (A Noblewoman who fights with a Mace)
Aspirant Teagan (A renowned Targeteer)
Aspirant Idris Asari (A Serossi Body Mage)
Aspirant Tobias
Aspirant Caduggan

The Emperor’s Bodyguard whilst in previous times received less funds than perhaps it ought to and was smaller than in its heyday now instructions are being given to re-strengthen the unit for the trials to come.

They are receiving 2,500 Ducats a month to rebuild the unit. The Unit can be a maximum of thirty individuals.

The Bodyguard of the Emperor is a group of the most skilled individuals who accompany their charge in battle and in diplomacy. It is not a duty one can leave once it is accepted only with the Emperor or Empresses blessing may a Bodyguard be released. The unit is supposed to foreswear any affiliation to other great houses seeing only to the protection of the Emperor and as such most individuals come from the same province as the Empires ruler

Rolls of Honoured Dead
Aspirant Lugo (A Veteran of the Graen Wolverines)

Emperor's Body Guard

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