Funerary Procession

Following the battle of Badden Heath the Emperor’s body was rescued from the clutches of the Barbarian Horde and an eclectic group of companions began to transport the Emperor’s body back to the capital some for personal loyalty to the deceased, some for the moral victory it represented and some for the kudos they would receive.

They traveled via the Ben Harreath capital of Stonewall and built a small entourage of troops around them. They left Miriam Orome in control and sailed for Latigos city in Thembrook. Upon arrival it transpired that the Province was less stable than originally hoped for.

Several factions were agitating in the city against the rule of of the Judiciary.
-Corvetch a Crime Lord who was imprisoned after a raid upon his hidden base he lost his hand in the encounter.
-Judge Hector a rogue Judge who was killed during the people’s uprising
-Judiciary Avernus the administrator of Themmbrooke who was killed in the People’s Uprising
- “Lady” Annabelle the leader of the peoples revolution and now Arbitrator of Themmbrooke.

The people’s revolution emerged as the victors inflicting radical changes on Themmbrooke’s Centuries old constitution and leaving “Lady” Annabelle as Arbiter of Themmbrooke whilst Lucan and Niamh Rhydain maintained their Electoral positions. In a few months there will be a vote on the peoples Elector to represent the commoners of Themmbrooke on equal footing to the Electors though not in the Electors council. Lady Annabelle and Lucan Rhydain raised the levies though a number of the Wardens have defected they are still rallying a sizeable force and marching to Ben Harreath.

The Emperor’s body was taken to Graen but not before the barbarians cast some form of spell upon it. The party was joined by a number of nobles and others on the journey from Latigos city to Graen in particular Lady Eva Alys and Niamh Rhydain

Notable Characters Part of the Funerary Procession
Carl Logan
Edvald Tanner
Ryvauld Zelman
Sir James Isef
Trooper Wulf
Trooper Correlie Vaile
Captain Dekker

Funerary Procession

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