Province Name: Honneth
High House: House Quenya of Honneth
Patrician: Contested
Electors: Contested
Province Strength:

Description: Honneth is the most Northerly Province in the Empire and the territory of House Quenya. Currently the Province has essentially become split into two miniature Provinces Blue and White Honneth. Since the death of the last Patrician, Sorraka Quenya, two estranged groups of cousins have been legally wrangling over who now should gain the seat.

Blue Honneth is in the South of the Province where the Snow more commonly melts and the land is named such for the Bright Blue Melt water. The Blue Province wants to foster greater Trade and are less traditionalist than White Honneth often seeking radical new ways of thinking. For instance they keep no traditional Crypts, believing that their Ancestor Quenya came from the sea so that is where they should return with burials at sea.The Blue Honneth Household is principally comprised of small skirmishing ships and marines.

White Honneth is in the North where the Ice and Snow never melts, though sparsely populated they are able to utilize many natural resources such as furs. They are more traditionalist than Blue Honneth keeping to beautifully sculpted Ice Crypts of their Ancestors. The White Honneth Household is comprised of the traditional Winter Wolves regiment. Troopers are trained as light infantry who specialise at Shock tactics and harsh cold environments.


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