House Alys Lands

Greye: A stretch of coast near the Latigos river. Trade with many other provinces as well as river tolls make it a wealthy region. It even includes a fortified island from which to rule.
Lanigroth An estate in South Themmbrooke whose name means “Golden Corn” in the archaic tongue and this estate more than lvies up to it’s names
Moreton An Estate crossed by many brooks and streams. It is warm here and has a famous wine distillery
Alysan The home estate of house Alys just out side Latigo city. It has been reduced to a small manor.

The House Receives 1650 Ducats a month from these.

The estates of Bridgbrook, Lanby, The Pale, Deepglen and Crow’s Landing are also owned by the house but under the arbitration of Sir Carl Logan though a stipend of 600 Ducats a month are paid to the Alys family from this

House Alys receives 2250 Ducats a month

House Alys Lands

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