Province: Luin
Ruling House: House Eren
Patrician: Rebecca Eren (Comatose)
Electors: Rebbecca Eren (Comatose) Bertrand Eren (Deceased)
Province Strength: 5

Luin is one of the more northerly Provinces and it’s said you can always smell the sea there. Despite being close to the Sea it is also quite high and the number of places where you can lauch a ship can be counted on one hand. Instead cliffs rise out of the turbulent sea. It is the seat for the College of the Mind which to those of other schools seems more like a drafty monastery than a great centre for magic. But on the high cliffs a serenity perfect for the working of mind magic can be found.

Patrician Rebecca Eren, the eldest of the Patricians, has fallen into a coma in the last year or so and many are sure her passing is near. Unti lBadden Heath her succession was clear with her Grandchild Bertrand ready to step up to command. However in the battle he too fell as his unit were cut off. Stories speak of his silver helm being seen alone in a sea of the barbarians like one of the shining silver Isles of his home province.

The Household of Luin is small due to it’s population and the contribution it makes in the colege of mind but it does keep an elite unit of Marines who protect the only major harbour of Marlond


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