Magic in the Empire is divided into three schools that all mages to be officially recognized.

The three schools are:
School of Mind
School of Body
School of World

The School of Mind:
The School of Mind has it’s central base in the mountainous region of Luin it sits of the high cliff tops over looking the coast and is the most remote of the schools. This was because it was felt that silence and serenity where preferable for the training of Mind Mages. It appears to be more of a monastery than a traditional Imperial place of Education but the tutors there feel that pupils should for a time detach themselves from worldly concerns to better find introspection. Unlike some other colleges like the World college, there are no sub departments the mind is all interlinked and it’s tutors see it as harmful to subdivide into departments.

The Grandmaster was Orland Wradle who was slain at Badden Heath selection of a New Grandmaster has begun.

The School of Body
The School of Body has sites principally based in several of the cities of Rosa, in particular Bellaphron. The classes here are more hands on than at other schools, the body is physical and to master the magic associated with it theory and introspection will not suffice. The school is freer and more comfortable, though not luxurious, than other schools since to master magic is to understand it’s needs, wants and problems.

The Grandmistress was Arianne Signon who has been Missing since Badden Heath. She has been declared Killed in Action and the process for selecting a new Grandmaster/mistress has begun.

The School of the World

The School of the World is the Newest of the schools and the smallest in number. The Empire has never had a great tradition of world magic compared to other nations so the school on Norvad is an exception seeing a mix of foreign and imperial tutors. A wide range of manifestations of the World are experimented on and the school is formed of a bewildering array of departments and sub departments. These departments often show fierce competitiveness with one another.

The Grandmaster is Thibault Hendring who is known to have made it off the field at Badden Heath and is now fighting at Stonewall with Miriam Orome.


Golems are made by Body Magic animating these warriors made of inanimate materials. They can be anything from marble to metal. The number of golems has been in decline as more have been destroyed in battle than been produced though there are still a number of cohorts in particular a group dedicated to the protection of Arvath and in Rosa home of the body college.

Golems are directed by the use of a “control rod” traditionally this is in th shape of a rod though not always. A rod is controlled by a single individual not always a mage. Some Golem Masters consolidate the controls for multiple golems into a single rod though they then become less efficient. These individuals who control the golems tend to be the first target for enemy mind mages.


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