Province: Norvad
Ruling House: House Thenkil
Patrician: Olaf Thenkil
Electors: Olaf Thenkil, Gritta Thenkil (In Exile)
Province Strength: 4

Although the Island Province of Norvad is rich in Ores and Minerals she has ever struggled with her rocky terrain to produce the food required. As such they became great explorers and traders often going far afield to locate new trade partners to support Norvad with resources. As such they have strong links with the outside world and the largest group of World Mages form the school here. Norvad is also more independent than other regions of the Empire in its laws and customs since it was never officially conquered but as a valued ally was given Elector and Patricianship in the time of Ancestor Thenkil.

Olaf Thenkil is the current Patrician of the House. He is currently estranged from his Daughter Gritta who is his only surviving family member and so is technically an Elector by default and will be Patrician upon her aged father’s death. Currently due to fraying tensions she has left the Empire for a life of adventure on the Open Seas leading a veteran regiment of Mercenaries in the East.

Norvad lacks the organized regiments of other regions instead having one of the most fearsome Levy’s due to their constant practice in defending their shipping lines. However all nobles retain small retinues of Bannermen as their most loyal guards as anything larger becomes difficult to support with Norvad’s stretched resources.


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