“One must remember gentle reader that the Smidgen is like an unruly child and we its stern but fair father. Examination of a Smidgen’s brain shows that it is similar in proportion to it’s child like frame and naturally this follows that their mental capacity is hindered as they are physically and spiritually. A smidgen has never been known to create a great work of art, at best they have been able to reproduce inferior copies of human culture.” Extract from Professor Strauss’ “Smidgen’s the Hollow People”

“If the smidgen race as a whole has no creative ability, no flair for magic or no propensity for self governance then it follows they are lacking. If we conclude they are lacking in a soul then it logically concludes that they cannot ascend after death. If they are unable to ascend they cannot go to nor, blasphemous though the thought is, become ancestors” Prelate Annia on Smidgens

Smidgens are a slave race of the Empire of Cassimir. They appeared out of the Beddel Mountain range about a thousand years ago. At first they were simply refugees but over time lost more and more of their rights.

Nowadays it is a rare smidgen who is not a slave they normally perform the jobs no one else in society wants. Recently there have been rumours of a prophet come to lead Smidgen kind known only as Father Beddel. This enigmatic figure has called upon Smidgen kind to embark on their “Great Migration” and that the “New Golden Age of Smidgen Kind is Upon them”. This is apparently part of a hitherto unknown Smidgen religious set of beliefs.

In philosophical thought Smidgens are believed to possess no soul as humans do making them inferior on three main accounts in mainstream thought:
-They cannot become ancestors or go to an ancestor after death
-They can cast no magic
-They have no creative ability they can make copies and be efficient but true creation is beyond them.

Many sports are centered around Smidgens in particular smidgen baiting, whilst not outlawed it is looked down on with distaste by many for the wanton cruelty of it. To protect the prize dogs the smidgen has their teeth and first knuckle of toes and fingers removed.

Smidgens breed faster than humans but no one knows to what age they can live to as many of them die in “service” to the Empire.


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