Province: Themmbrooke
Ruling House: House Rhydain
Patrician: Lucan Rhydain
Electors: Lucan Rhydain, Niamh Rhydain (Underage)
Province Strength: 5

The greatest honour in Themmbrooke is to be considered just and hardworking. It is also a highly conservative and traditionalist Province which harks back more than any other to the teachings of its Ancestor, Rhydain. High ranking aldermen are often trained as Legal Judges and it is rare for anyone to rise high in the system without court experience. These Judges are all but unquestioned and seen as bastions of integrity. Themmbrooke is seen as a shining example of stability even in this time of chaos as the rule of law is kept and Rhydain’s legacy maintained.

Although the majority of it’s levies are pike and crossbow based Themmbrooke is most known for it’s Household regiment of cavalry named the Wardens. They keep the Border Castles of the regions retreating in face of danger with their mobility before striking a hammer blow at the right time.

The Patrician, Lucan Rhydain has only recently come of age and his young cousin Niamh although an Elector in title is still too young to hold official responsibility. Until recently High Judiciary Avernus and Judge Hector acted as the regents for the young members of house Rhydain. They are the only Province not to contribute to the war effort thus far despite their large levies and number of castles. The official reason being Patrician Lucan being too young to lead out an army at this time.

Upon the arrival of the group to Latigos city, things have been revealed to not be as stable as originally hoped. Unrest is being held in check but taking away the Household and raising Levies would result in civil disorder and chaos. There are three groups disturbing the peace currently:
- “Lady” Annabelle ‘s movement for rights for the common people
Corvetch’s Criminal Empire and Judge Hector.

The party led a raid on Corvetch whilst Edvald Tanner worked with Lady Annabelle to summarily execute Judge Hector and High Judiciary Avernus. Lady Annabelle took custody of the young Nobles and attempted to force them to sign an agreement for the creation of a new People’s Elector.


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