Lord Protector, Retired


Titles and Positions
Lord Protector: Has control of the Emperor’s Body Guard and the safety of said individual may recruit a unit of up to thirty men hand picked by him to perform this role.


Even Aramis does not fully understand the circumstances of his birth. His mother was a barmaid working in a tavern in the outskirts of the capital, his father most likely an itinerant merchant. When he was only five years of age, she fell ill, with what, Aramis has never been able to discern. She never recovered.
After her death, Aramis fell into the care of the tavern’s owners who wasted no time in pressing him into servitude. For two years, he slaved in the kitchens, turning spits, stirring pots and cleaning the hearth, until he could stand no more and at only seven years old, fled to the streets.
It is a testament to his adoptive parents’ cruelty that Aramis found life as a street child more enjoyable than his time in their kitchens. He found friends among the other beggar children and occupied his days begging at corners and his nights taking food from the kitchens of taverns much like his own. The life was hard and fraught with danger both from the city watch and from the other gangs who roamed the streets, and, as Aramis was the most capable fighter among his peers, it fell to him to hold off any attackers they might face.
This state of affairs continued for nearly five years, in which time Aramis established a reputation for being a formidable warrior. It all come to a head, however, following a raid on the pantry of a prominent upper class eating house. Aramis’ band was ambushed by another gang and the melee that followed attracted the notice of several members of the watch. Despite fighting furiously, even young Aramis knew better than to argue with drawn swords.
Contrary to Aramis’ expectations, however, He wasn’t thrown in a cell or dumped outside the city gates, instead he was brought directly before the watch captain and could only listen dumbstruck as the men who had captured him sang his praises. In this way, young Aramis was apprenticed to the captain and thus found himself firmly on the right side of the law.
As he was too young to become a fully fledged watchman, his apprenticeship consisted mainly of …
The position of Lord Protector has a history nearly as long as that of the Emperor, but it has never been particularly strictly defined. Loosely, the holder of the title is expected to make all arrangements pertaining to the Emperor’s safety, but to what degree this protection extends is effectively up to the lord protector himself. For example, Aramis’ predecessor simply recruited a score of half decent soldiers, sat back, and collected his wages. Aramis, on the other hand, sees the title as a mark of a personal duty to the emperor, and so takes it upon himself to accompany the emperor personally on all pubic appearances. The people of the empire who


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