Province: Drayne
Ruling House: House Drayne
Patrician: Olduin Drayne (Held Prisoner by the Tajuru Islanders)
Electors Olduin Drayne (Held Prisoner by the Tajuru Islanders) Kaylee Drayne (Held Prisoner by Tajuru Islanders)
Province Strength 3

Beaucannon is the only Imperial Province that lies overseas from the main heartlands of Cassimir. It is about a month by boat and is the most autonomous of the provinces. It’s tropical nature means that Beaucannon is a source of many exotic fruits spices and goods. Gold is also mined in the jungle covered mountains providing a not insubstantial basis of wealth for the province.

It’s principal problem is that in addition to many of the native islanders who bow down and welcome their Imperial Overlords there are many particularly from the Tajuru Islands who still resist Imperial Occupation. The Islands of Tajuru are mist shrouded and mysterious the waterways too treacherous for all but the most skilled canoe born warriors to reach. These Tajuru Islanders managed in one raid to swoop in and capture not only the Patrician Olduin and his wife Elector Kaylee but their three young children. The only remaining free Drayne is Olduin’s brother who despite repeated requests to the Emperor has not been granted the title of Patrician as the Tajuru’s are still bargaining and stalling for the release of the Drayne’s.

The Household of Beaucannon is comprised of a mix of Native Warriors and a unit of those recruited from the Imperial colonists. The Levies here are one of the largest and mainly lightly equipped with Javelins and machetes. The Warrior Regiments are similarly equipped but with higher grade weaponry and war paint and ceremonial armour akin to each of the regiments totem animals.


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