Province: Serross
Ruling Family: Shada
Patrician: Rubek Shada (Lost at Sea)
Electors: Rubek Shada (lost at Sea) Amra Shada (Missing)
Province Strength 5

Serross is a dry province due to the rain shadow it lies in because of Bregas to its West. Occasionally when it is hot and the wind blows from the south the great thunderstorms will blow in from the South. The people here are tanned and breed some of the finest horses in all the Empire over the many flat plains. They are calm and friendly following the example of Ancestor Shada to reach a balance within yourself and not burden yourself with the outside world, looking inwards for perfection. As such jewellery and ostentation is rarely seen, and if it is it is beautiful by simplicity.

The Shada family, rulers of Serross, are the exception to the rule of Mages being involved in politics. They are from one of the most notable and powerful lines of Mages, reaching right back to Serross. Though the have had had family members pass through all the schools of magic they are most known for their mastery of World Magic, mostly weather related. Indeed, the Patrician Rubek Shada was known as the Silent Storm for his control over lightning. This was unable to save him, however, when he and a large part of the flottilla he sailed with sunk last year. Grief stricken, his wife Amra took a boat and set off to scour the sea for him leaving her eldest daughter and son (Asmira and Tamro) as temporary electors.

The Household of Serross believe in not investing solely into any one weapon or style, feeling that by learning the use of multiple weapons they can inform their use of all others. They are marines and horsemen, infantry and archers. Each member of the regiment known as the Kuridama (a Word used in Ancestor Shada’s Work to mean the flow of battle) must demonstrate mastery of at least four different weapons before being permitted entry.


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